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Built upon a reliable and proven system of qualified carriers, the Logistics One Brokerage team focuses on one thing - to make sure our clients' goods are efficiently and cost-effectively transported throughout the United States and Canada. Whether you require van, flatbed or refrigerated equipment, our staff will handle it. With just one call, we will take care of all your logistics needs.

We do our due diligence to vet and qualify all carriers before bringing them into our network. Every carrier must execute our standard contract and provide proof of insurance from a reputable insurance company having the proper limits of coverage. It must have a satisfactory safety rating and pass our requirements based on the SAFER website compliance scores. We also investigate the history of each carrier making sure they are legitimate and not a rouge double broker. Furthermore, we use RMIS to maintain and track all our contracts, ensure all insurances are timely renewed, and that each carrier maintains a satisfactory safety rating with the FMCSA. If they don't, our system will lockout the carrier, making it impossible to assign a load to it until the issue is resolved.

We require all carriers to communicate with our dispatch when they arrive at the shipper, when they are loaded, when they arrive at the consignee and when they are unloaded. While in transit, carriers are required to be tracked using Macropoint or Trucker Tools. Additionally, we have 24/7 track and trace personnel on staff that monitor all shipments, so we always know where yours is and whether it is running on-time. We provide you with as much tracking information as you require, and we integrate with 4 Kites and Project 44.

To help us identify and add to our fleet of carriers, we utilize DAT, Trucker Tools and Parade. To ensure we are completely informed about the current market prices, we subscribe to and monitor Freightwaves and Sonar.

Our nationwide network of carriers is supported by sophisticated technology that integrates our brokerage and asset-based trucking operations systems. All our customers have access to the complementing services we offer. Every day, our brokerage and asset-based staff meet to determine available capacity and to ensure all freight is properly serviced.

At Logistics One, each client is assigned to a dedicated customer service agent. One point of contact ensures that your needs are completely understood and service is maintained at the highest level. Our job is to make yours as simple as possible.

If you need a flatbed, van or refrigerated equipment, our staff can handle it. Call 518-587-3700 today to learn more.

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